MEet Our Beyond the Classroom capital Campaign Chairs

Mary Ives


I am so excited about the potential this project holds for helping ICC better reach non-traditional students and students of color. The Beyond the Classroom Capital Campaign will make ICC even more welcoming, safe, and supportive. 

The impact will be long-lasting: a community of tomorrow's leaders who embrace excellence, equality and compassion. 

Tom McBride


I grew up on the ICC campus as a ball boy for my dad who was a teacher and coach. This project matters to me because ICC has had a huge impact on who I have become as a person. I truly believe that ICC is the best place to start. 

The McMahon Student Center will help to create a student experience that is comparable to many 4-year college experiences and will hopefully bring more community members onto campus to connect with the school and students. 

Peter Birkey


I firmly believe education is the most likely way to improve our area's standard of living. ICC is already an important asset for this area, and The McMahon Student Center will greatly enhance the student experience, providing a much stronger sense of community. As these students transition into their working careers, this will undoubtedly influence many graduates to stay in the region. 

As ICC grows, so does the likelihood that an employer finds the Itasca area attractive, knowing there is a pipeline of talented, well-educated employees. 

Campaign Steering Committee

Peter Birkey, Co-Chair

Mary Ives, Co-Chair

Tom McBride, Co-Chair

Weldon Braxton

Rhonda Cash

Cindy Feyder

Jim Hoolihan

Bart Johnson

Justin Lamppa

Susan Lynch

Peter McDermott

Ron Oleheiser

John Rothstein

Tom Saxhaug

Maggie Skelton

ICC Foundation Board of Directors

Peter Birkey, Chair

Tom McBride, Vice Chair

Cindy Feyder, Secretary

Kirk Adams, Treasurer

Donna Anderson

Kris Ferraro

Dan Gilman

Janice Kangas

Alie McInerney

Ron Oleheiser, Past Chair

Kevin Ott

Maggie Skelton

ICC Foundation Staff

Susan Lynch, Foundation/Alumni Director

Rhonda Cash, Foundation Coordinator

Ex-Officio Board Members: 

Bart Johnson, Provost

Jackie Gallop

Brad Jones