THANK YOU, Dr. Jack & Mary Margaret McMAhon!

Dr. Jack & Mary Margaret McMahon

Mary Margaret and I have deep and lasting ties to Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. We were both raised in the area and, with our own family, have continued to visit often. In my youth, I was fortunate to attend Itasca Community College for a year. That year was truly a pivotal year in my life and prepared me well to continue my education and go on to medical school. 

We have been very blessed in our lives with family and career, and when we decided it was time to try and "give back," we chose ICC because of the great impact it has had on our lives and the lives of people in the community as a whole. After learning that there was no student union on the ICC campus, Mary Margaret and I realized that such a place, where students would have a place to be together outside the classroom, would be a valuable addition to the ICC community. We are delighted to be able to play a role in this wonderful project.     

- Jack McMahon

We are thrilled to share that Dr. Jack and Mary Margaret McMahon have donated $500,000 to jump-start this exciting new endeavor. 


THANK YOU, Campaign Donors!

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