The McMahon Student Center: A Place for Everyone to Relax, Play, and Connect, Beyond the Classroom

The McMahon Student Center will provide a welcoming home on campus for students and their groups to connect and convene. The Center will also welcome alumni, parents, and community members for on-campus events, family days, College for Kids, and more.  

This renovation of the existing Media Center and new construction addition to Davies Hall will result in a 10,000 square-foot, window-lined student center that will help keep our students active and connected through the seasons. The space will include: 


  • Student club hub
  • New outdoor group patio space
  • New full-service coffee shop
  • Bookstore
  • Central gathering spaces
  • Outdoor equipment rental
  • General store
  • Gaming areas
  • Adaptable technology
  • Event space

A Place to Belong


I remember immediately feeling at home during the student tour. I didn't know a single person when I moved here, but it's been such a blast getting to know everyone. Most college students can't say that they are friends with the Dean, but here at ICC, it's possible!

- Brooke Ostendorf 2018 ICC Graduate